Mobile Work Table

Price: $ 500.00

This is a must-have! No joke, once you own one, you will want another.

What makes it so good? A clever design lets you lift the table up onto a set of sturdy casters, for easy wheeling around the shop.

Features include:

  • Light-weight, yet sturdy
  • Sits solidly on floor when casters are raised
  • Hinged braces hold casters securely when down
  • A cord holds braces up when table is stationary 

Dimensions: 34" x 73" x 49"

Work surface: 48" x 72" x 33-7/8"

Materials: Combo of AC plywood, luaun plywood, and medium density fiberboard (MDF)

Finish: none

AC plywood is the best commonly available grade of fir or pine plywood. One side is graded 'A', and should be free of knots, and finished smooth. The other side is graded 'C,' and may have a rough finish and a few knot-holes filled with football-shaped plugs.

Lauan (or "luan") is a variety of wood produced in the Philippines, and sometimes also called "Philippine mahogany." Plywood made from lauan usually costs less than pine or fir plywoods.

MDF is an engineered wood product that is heavier, denser, and more stable than plywood. It is made from hardwood and softwood fibers bonded under high temperatures and pressures with wax and a resin binding agent.

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