Miter Bench and Storage

Price: $ 2,500.00

Every shop ought to have a miter bench. This one handles long pieces well, thanks to generous side-tables. It's not just for chop saws and angle-cuts, either: there's a pull-out shelf and bench attachment just for your mortiser, and an auxillary guide in case you want to set up a radial arm saw next to it. Even comes with the rolling scrap-cart shown. So convenient, it makes work fun!

The miter bench features:

  • Generous length on both sides of the saw
  • Adjustable stop block
  • Large pull-out drawers
  • Dedicated pull-out mortiser shelf and bench attachment
  • Guide for use with radial arm saw
  • Includes rolling scrap-cart

Bench top: 15'-8" long x 36 deep x 38 3/4 h

Materials: Combo of birch and other cabinet grade plywoods, cdx plywood, poplar, oak, and kiln-dried (KD) spruce

Finish: None

CDX or "construction-grade" plywood has a fairly rough finish (graded C on one side, and D on the other) but is bonded with eXterior-grade adhesive

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