Clamp Cart

Price: $ 250.00

This handy mobile clamp cart stores and organizes your whole clamp collection. Wheel it to your project, when you need a clamp, and take your pick. When you're done, just clamp it back on!

Suitable for pipe clamps, bar clamps, sash clamps, flooring clamps, C-clamps, G-clamps, handscrew clamps, Cardellini clamps, gripe clamps, Kant-twist clamps, mitre clamps, speed clamps, toggle clamps, toolmaker's clamps, and maybe even pinch dog clamps. If you're into that kind of thing.

Dimensions: 28" x 29" x 74-1/8" h

Material: AC plywood

Finish: None

AC plywood is the best commonly available grade of fir or pine plywood. One side is graded 'A', and should be free of knots, and finished smooth. The other side is graded 'C,' and may have a rough finish and a few knot-holes filled with football-shaped plugs.

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