Saw Horses

Price: $ 100.00

Is there anything in the world as useful -- as essential -- as a pair of sawhorses? Short of sprouting a second and then a third set of hands, buying these is probably the best thing you can do to improve your life. Seriously.

These classic horses have a wide top made from a 2x6. So, in addition to holding whatever you're working on, they can also serve as a kind of field workbench.

There's also a handy tray, for your tape measure, square, and other essentials. The full-width tray is large enough to hold many handsaws, or even a cordless Skil-saw (see photo). Yet, it is not so large as to stop you from stacking the horses neatly when not in use.

The utility of a good, sturdy pair of sawhorses transcends shop life. Need a basic scaffold, for painting or siding work? Span your team of horses with a sturdy plank or two (some call this set-up a "mule"). Need a quick, sturdy table? Throw on an old door. Ping-pong table? Full sheet of MDO plywood and clamp on the net.

MDO is an engineered plywood product, where both faces are protected by overlays of resin-treated fiber.

A few other common sawhorse uses:

  • Step stool (many of the photos on this site were taken from one)
  • Bar-height bench seating
  • Light-duty sawbuck (for cutting up entire trees)
  • Barriers for vehicle or crowd control
  • Child's hobby horse or balance beam

Okay, maybe we're getting carried away here. But you get the idea. Sawhorses are useful. If you don't have a pair, get some. If you want some that, barring chainsaw slips, could hold up for several lifetimes, get these. You'll be hard-pressed to find nicer.


Dimensions: 34" L x 30" h x about 20" w


Materials: 2x6s, spruce or pine boards, and AC plywood

Joints: weather-resistant adhesive and screws

Finish: None

AC plywood is the best commonly available grade of fir or pine plywood. One side is graded 'A', and should be free of knots, and finished smooth. The other side is graded 'C,' and may have a rough finish and a few knot-holes filled with football-shaped plugs.


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