Woodshop Equipment

Price: $ 2,500.00

If you want to be organized and work like a pro, this is the ticket!

This hutch was designed by master woodsmith Norm Abram, for use in his own shop. You may be familiar with Norm through his PBS-syndicated TV show, The New Yankee Workshop.

The workshop hutch can be set up to efficiently hold all your most-used tools and materials within easy reach.

Price: $ 2,500.00

Every shop ought to have a miter bench. This one handles long pieces well, thanks to generous side-tables. It's not just for chop saws and angle-cuts, either: there's a pull-out shelf and bench attachment just for your mortiser, and an auxillary guide in case you want to set up a radial arm saw next to it. So convenient, it makes work fun!

Price: $ 500.00

This is a must-have! No joke, once you own one, you will want another.

What makes it so good? A clever design lets you lift the table up onto a set of sturdy casters, for easy wheeling around the shop.


Price: $ 500.00

Now this baby is a real time saver. Lightweight, yet super-strong, this wheeled cart has five shelves to organize and carry your project pieces from station to station. The added bonus of this workshop helper is it can't talk and requires no wage!

Price: $ 250.00

This handy mobile clamp cart stores and organizes your whole clamp collection. Wheel it to your project, when you need a clamp, and take your pick. When you're done, just clamp it back on!

Price: $ 100.00

Is there anything in the world as useful -- as essential -- as a pair of sawhorses? Short of sprouting a second and then a third set of hands, buying these is probably the best thing you can do to improve your life. Seriously.

These classic horses have a wide top made from a 2x6. So, in addition to holding whatever you're working on, they can also serve as a kind of field workbench.

There's also a handy tray, for your tape measure, square, and other essentials. The full-width tray is large enough to hold many handsaws, or even a cordless Skil-saw (see photo). Yet, it is not so large as to stop you from stacking the horses neatly when not in use.